Take your 2b2t experience to the next level.
ttRMS is a powerful collection of tools to skip the queue, automate your account, aid utility development, and so much more.
Never go offline again.
ttRMS is a proxy service. Put simply, this means that ttRMS connects to 2b2t for you, then when you're ready to play, you join a private server hosted by ttRMS. Your private server is protected by both a username whitelist and encrypted IP whitelist. Cracked logins are not permitted.
Internet drops or your game crashes? No problem! ttRMS keeps your account safely connected, avoiding the need to sit through the queue again. ttRMS also sits through the queue for you, alerting you when it's time to play.
Manage your account from any device.
Anytime, anywhere
With a private Discord bot and personalized control server, you can manage your account from any device, anywhere in the world. Chat with other players, modify your config, check your account health and more using our wide array of commands.
Take command
Over sixty commands are at your disposal. Every command is fully detailed with a convenient ~help command. Want to change the prefix? Just type ~prefix followed by the new prefix. Discord isn't the only way to manage your account, either: most commands can be run via in-game chat using the / prefix.
Meticulously crafted
Every aspect of ttRMS is carefully crafted to ensure the best possible experience for you. We've aimed to make every interaction as seamless and intuitive as possible. Our strict policy on clean code ensures everything runs smoothly.
Join 2b2t, any time you want.
Everyone hates the queue. With ttRMS, you can avoid that pain altogether. ttRMS will connect to the queue and wait idly on the server once connected to 2b2t. If you're somewhere unsafe or close to spawn, AutoDisconnect can keep you cycling at low positions until you're ready to play. For select tiers, AutoQueue will automatically connect your account at a set time.
Further enhance your gameplay with unique customization options delivered through server-side vanilla features. Pair it with your favourite utility mod for a truly unique experience.
Let us do your work, for you.
An unprecedented level of automation is at your fingertips. ttRMS will handle all connections and reconnections, as well as disconnecting when your account is in an unsafe situation. And a wide range of chat automation ensures that you're always apart of the conversation. On select tiers, ttRMS will remain connected to 2b2t for the full 6-hour session1.
Strong encryption & modern authentication to keep you safe.
We take security seriously. Our servers are configured to prevent external attackers from gaining access, protecting your account. If a breach were ever to occur, you are further protected by industry-standard encryption protocols, preventing any private data from being leaked to a malicious third party.
Share the love. Play with friends.
ttRMS gives players a unique ability to share their account without needing to provide login details. Simply invite your friends to your server and you can play together. Every proxy server has an unlimited whitelist, allowing you to let your friends or base-mates control your account on 2b2t.
A world of possibilities.
Universal features
All users have these features, regardless of their tier.
  • AntiAfk Classic

  • AutoDisconnect

  • AutoQueueMain

  • AutoReconnect

  • AutoReply

  • AutoUpdate

  • ChatRelay

  • Friends

  • KillAura

  • Mailman

  • Notifications

Both Gold and Diamond users have access to these features.
  • AntiAfk Advanced

  • AntiChat

  • AntiLeak

  • EntityRadar

  • RangeWhisper

  • Spammer

  • Welcomer

Diamond users have exclusive access to these features.
  • AutoQueue

  • AutoToggle

  • ExtraChat

  • FakeEntity

  • Stalker

Three tiers. Take your pick.
Our most basic plan. Allows for one Discord user. Iron tier features Classic AntiAfk, which works for twenty minutes on 2b2t. Most automation features are included in this tier.
A step up from Iron, Gold subscribers can have a total of three Discord users. Both Gold and Diamond users get Square AntiAfk, which is effective for the full six hour session on 2b2t.
Our most coveted plan. Diamond subscribers are allowed up to ten Discord users, making it the optimal choice for group accounts. Diamond users receive priority support, beta builds, and sneak-peeks at upcoming features.
All tiers feature a private proxy server with an unlimited whitelist, as well as basic automation features such as AutoDisconnect, AutoReconnect, AutoRespawn, AutoReply, ChatRelay, and more.
For more information and a full list of features, please join our Discord server.
Connect with Discord to get started.

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1: 2b2t uses a plugin that kicks every player after 6 hours of being online, regardless of AntiAfk strategy used. This limit has briefly been raised to 8 hours in the past. We have internally tested these times with over 10,000 hours of data. This effort began when we started testing our first AntiAfk systems.

Not an official Minecraft product. Not approved by or associated with Mojang.